Lucid Markets is an electronic trading firm. We are focused on delivering a compelling liquidity offering for FX markets accessible via API.

Paul Lonsdale will be attending TradeTech FX USA, 2018: Feb 12-14, Miami. Please contact him to schedule a meeting to discuss how our unique risk warehousing/low market impact FX liquidity can help your business.

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News Aug 22, 2016:

"Non-bank liquidity provision has gained momentum in recent years, but the concept itself is not new, and Lucid Markets deserves kudos for being a first mover. Founded in 2009 by the former heads of FX algorithmic trading at Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs, Lucid Markets has remained a leading player in the past seven years as other firms have joined. Today, it makes prices in spot FX to retail brokers, banks, hedge funds and asset managers globally and prides itself on its ability to hold risk for clients, boasting tight spreads and minimal market impact. Headquartered in London, it has offices in New York, Chicago and San Diego ... Lucid has retained its niche, low-key identity, relying on word-of-mouth rather than aggressive marketing to win business."